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Edward Scissorhands #1 cover process by Gabriel Rodriguez


Signposts of Culture on an Unconventional Road with @mattslaby

To see more from photojournalist Matt Slaby’s test kitchen of photographic experiments, follow @mattslaby on Instagram.

Matt Slaby (@mattslaby) is a 6-foot-7 colorblind photographer based in Denver who was once told by Salman Rushdie that he was “too tall.” His Instagram photos are populated by spacemen, abandoned nuclear missile silos and fictional stories written for found snapshots.

"The signposts of culture are really set by the outliers and the weirdos," Matt says. He describes Instagram as his "test kitchen" for experimenting, receiving feedback and understanding “how subjects view their own world and what items they are tuned into."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Matt traveled an “unconventional road into the creative world,” working his way through university and law school as a wilderness firefighter and an metropolitan EMT before taking on photography full time—just a month after passing his law exams.

"I love how things take on apparent order when you view them from a macro or micro perspective," he says. "It’s the middle distance that’s confusing, chaotic and kinda absurd."


Mummy illustration for Upper Deck’s Goodwin Champions “Monster” Trading Card Series.

(Artwork by Layron DeJarnette )








god bless america

I hope this the last remaining photos of our presidents

Is no one going to talk about Ronald McDonald fighting in Clinton’s background.

I’m not even american and I will reblog these anyday.

is Teddy Roosevelt shooting Bigfoot?

That one is historically accurate, actually.


My new favorite art!

(Source: 8bitmonkey)

Now that’s what I call a color wheel! #pantone #colors

Looks like the beginnings of my T850 frame if you ask me. Never know what you will come up with in an aeronautical graveyard. #terminator #riseofthemachine #framemaking