How to draw a Lemur

Another colored pencil artist to watch for! Amazing stuff. #marcomazzoni


Kennedy Space Center: iphone /panorama photos I shot recently. Enjoy! #NoFilter #NoPhotoshop 


5500 toy soldiers took Joe Black to make a portrait of the young Chinese soldier. The painting was named – Made in China, which is a copy of the cover of LIFE magazine, the January issue 1938 year. The picture reminds of the involvement of children in the war between Japan and China (1937 – 1945).


New TEE Shirt on mee store for you! If you are as big a fan of Bruce Campbell and Evil Dead as I am I hope you get a kick out of this! Ever have a ‘dirt hipster’ drink?Well, this is kind of like that only it comes with a laughing deer head!

Ingredients: 1 part Jager, 1 part Pabst, 1 part Bruce Campbell, 1 part insane laughing deer

To purchase go here:

Evil Dead News


Garbage Pail Kids SDCC Exclusive Set from Topps Entertainment.

11” X 14” jumbo card prints, Series #1 B, editions of 500. Available HERE.


Happy Little Bad Guys “Wave 3” by Florey / Tumblr / Store

4” X 6” print, S/N edition of 75. Available individually or as set, the first 25 of which will include a B&W variant “They Live” print. Available HERE.

Awesome beer labels from @bottlelogicbrewery in Orange, CA.


THIS FRIDAY - Mark Englert returns to G1988 with the second installment to his Director Series. The opening reception will run 7-10 PM and he will release the first set of prints that night, as well as originals he’s created. Then for the closing, on August 30th, he all release the second set of prints. Come by and say hello to Mark on Friday at G1988 (West)!