The making of my snake frame for my drawing ‘A Snake From New York’. This frame was a lot of fun to make! I cast and molded the spikes for the Statue of Liberty crown out of a dagger. The snake was a found object modified, painted and antiqued. I wanted to give it a Statue of Liberty flare with new school colors!

New piece for John Carpenter Tribute Show at @HyaenaGallery

"A Snake From New York". Here are some progress pics and finished framed piece. Hope ya dig duke. Cheers!

My Zurg hat came in!#fifthelement

April is HORROR MONTH!!!!! Muahahahaha!


Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that April is a huge month for me and I hope you can make it to one of these great shows!

I will be sharing my art stuff at all of these fine establishments…

Starting March 28th - 30th (Convention):

Monsterpalooza Museum - I will be showing 2 of my pieces with Hyaena Galleryin the Monsterpalooza Museum this year in Burbank, CA —

Opening April 5th:

Step Right Up - Group show at

Best of the Hive - Group show at The Hive Gallery and Studios

Saturday April 12th:

All Outta Bubble Gum - Tribute show for John Carpenter - The Master of Horror at Hyaena Gallery

And a bonus… ###!!! I did an illustration for Famous Monsters of Filmland That will be in the April issue #273 SUPERNATURAL
You can get that here:

The best part of my day job as a Creative Project Manager for Global Merchandising is being able to work with great artists like these everyday!

Props going out to my fellow hardworking artists and designers that make bands like Slayer, Motley Crue, Mastodon and many more look badass on Tshirts and beyond :D

Props going out to:

Eric Johnson -

Abdi Moshiri -

Polt Art -

Vance Kelly -

Johnathan Bergeron -

Sarah Antoinette Martin -

Phil Guy -

Here are some WIP pics of a spot illustration I am working on for Famous Monsters Magazine. I am a big fan of #Supernatural so I am really excited to work on some of my favorite characters, Castiel and Crowley! All in #Prismacolor. Stay tuned for the Magazine!

Hoodies and other merch now available on #SocietySix! I am especially excited about seeing my Resident Evil piece ‘Lady Extinction’ on some wearable pieces for all to enjoy!


IDW Limited’s My Little Pony: Applejack

Red Label sketch cards, Black Label Illustrations, and Blue label painting from IDW Limited featured. Art by Apricot Mantle, Sara Richard, Jennifer Blake, Agnes Garbowska, Mitti Mandi (pencils),  Chris Meeks, and Miran Kim


Interview with Apricot Mantle:

Who’s your favorite pony? 

Apple Jack!!!


Because she wears a cowboy hat like me!

Who’s the most interesting to draw? 

I would have to say Apple Jack.


For the same reason as question #1. What can I say… I like cowboy hats!

What techniques and mediums did you use for your cards/plates?

I used only colored pencil because I love this medium!


Was there a theme to your cards/plates?

Not really a theme necessarily. I just wanted to draw the ponies with more emphasis on dramatic foreshortening. Although some of my sketch cards feature the ponie’s cutie marks as repeating background elements to add a bit of graphic design like elements to them.

How did you get involved with the project?

IDW saw my work online and contacted me to join. They said they thought I could bring something different to the table due to my back ground as a fine artist in LA.

Where does your interest in MLP come from?

My little sister played with them as a kid, and I remember invading ‘Pony Land’ with my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys back in the early 90’s. hahaha!

When did you first learn about this new re-surgence of interest in MLP?

Actually, funny enough…When IDW contacted me! I love it though!

Do you watch the new show?

I love watching the show while I draw the cards. It is rather inspiring to see the characters in motion while I draw.

Pre-order The Book -


Guerrilla Gardening: Shotgun Shells Filled with Flower Seeds @webist


Guerrilla Gardening: Shotgun Shells Filled with Flower Seeds @webist